Ashley Service 
"I was a bit weary of taking lessons on my smart phone at first, but after completing my first lesson, I am confident in Matt's ability to instruct via smart phone just as well as in person. He is patient and attentive and made me feel at ease, which is important to me because I was nervous as a beginner! His teaching style simplifies guitar and rhythm and allows me to feel comfortable and confident in my progress. FaceTime also allows me to fit lessons into my busy schedule more easily than having to go to a studio for lessons. I would definitely recommend Matt Fisher to anyone looking for guitar lessons."
Mike Powers 
“I work a lot so finding time to do anything is hard. The fact I can do lessons in my house on my iPhone was great but after two lessons being able to play a song for my wife what was more than could have ever expected so quickly!” 
Matt Fisher has been teaching and performing for more than a decade. He was featured on MTV, performed across the country several times, and has been invited to perform music seminars in public schools. This road tested musician has the experience to teach you the tools required to develop a powerful understanding and appreciation of music. The philosophy behind Matt’s music instruction program is first: learn and have fun. Not all of us are bound to become professional musicians but the benefits of learning an instrument at any age have been demonstrated time and again to improve focus and develop perseverance.



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